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Had a "window" of time from 10-1 when the ACC was supposed to come and do our carpets. I cleared my day and waited around.

Called at 12:45 to find out where they were. Someone finally called back at 1:15 to tell me that he was running about 1 1/2 behind. I told him to forget it that I would find another company, that my day has been wasted. He went on about his 20 year experience and how he doesn't do a "***" job (which I thought was a little unprofessional to say to someone).

He offered to give me 40% off, and I told him I'd have to think about it. I ended the conversation with "I need to go get my errands done that I had to put off (for no reason)." He responded by hanging up on me.

I'm just thankful I came to this site. I will not be going back for 40% off.

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Good call. I just had a similar experience, but he told me he was going to send me a bill for wasting HIS time! What a loser!

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